Where to Find Exotic cichlids
  • ashfaqashfaq February 2012
    Posts: 799
    Can any borthers suggest me where i can get exotic cichlids in Malaysia and singapore?
  • pohbengpohbeng February 2012
    Posts: 114
    what cichlids you looking?
    try this forum.
  • ashfaqashfaq February 2012
    Posts: 799
    All exotic and rare cichlids brother
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • WinlimWinlim February 2012
    Posts: 161
    Go to Taman Desa. There is a small fish shop near Faber Towers. His name is Elvin. he can order for you. He really has a passion for fishes. Have been patronizing his family for the last 30 years

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