Rinyukai Indonesia - Super Koi Show 2012 at 15-17 June 2012
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    A year ago, after sending some kois to participate the 4th Asia Cup Koi Show on 21&22 May 2011, Felix Denanta feel so much fun and his heart was touched by the hospitality and warm welcome of all koi hobbyists from local Malaysia, Singapore, some Indonesia folks and also the show committee. :-bd
    This was the first big major prize for him as he got GC that time with his Pandora. Afterwards, he took some major prizes too in some major koi shows. And recently, he got RGC at the 43th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show 2012 with a kohaku from Sakai Fish Farm.

    As he came back home from Malaysia that time, he was triggered to do something for the kois world, something that could bond the relationship, either hobbyists, dealers, or koi lovers. He intensely made communications onto some koi sifus at local and Japan. The koi club he interested to jump in is the Zen Nihon Rinyukai, which as long as we know is one of the largest and oldest club in Japan. At last he made it as he appointed formally as the chairman of Rinyukai Indonesia and Hendrawan Sudarpo as Vice Chairman. Hendrawan Sudarpo is one of heavyweight class hobbyist also. This appointment will be the 1st formal appointed Rinyukai club outside of Japan. :)

    Now he would like to share the fruit of all his hard willing and work to all of you. We share the joy, the togetherness, and the friendship through scales. And here is the invitation for all of you :

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/5894/Riyunkai Indonesia - Invitation.JPG

    Next 27 February 2012 will be the launching day of Rinyukai Indonesia club. And we invite all of you who could come at that time. Free lunch, snacks, free flow drinking, wine, beers, you name it will be served. ;-)

    As the first program, Rinyukai Indonesia would like to invite all of you to join the "1st Rinyukai Indonesia Super Koi Show 2012" on 15-17 June 2012

    This show will offer something different and unlike the former shows before i.e. the show location is on the major international site at the center of Jakarta city (Jakarta HIlton Convention Centre) and .... with a car as a door prize.

    The show is open for all contenders including overseas. Worry about the handling? No worries, we'll be back up by some professional handler directly from Japan, such as Sakai Fish Farm and some big dealers too.

    Last but not least...to make this show different, please pop up your ideas...any kind of it...and let's we share the joy and the friendship and make this show a super show ever together \:D/

    Any enquiries, please contact Committee secretary :
  • HDCuHDCu February 2012
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    A car as a door prize? I know Indonesian hobbyists are really koi kichi and passionate with their kois but this good news certainly makes Indonesian hobbyists who join rinyunkai Indonesia a cut above the rest. Here in the Philippines, I don't think hobbyist are as organized. I wish I can talk to some hobbyists here and we can agree to visit the this koi show on June since Indonesia is just close by.
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    You are most welcome bro HDCu. >:D<

    We'll pick up you and your gang from the airport to your lodging.

    As far as I know, there is direct flight from Philippines to Jakarta.

    We certainly well prepared for this show, especially for the overseas participant. The quarantine process will through "super" line that make your kois will be the highest safety as possible.

    If you don't mind, please bring along that Goldilock sponge cake to share with all of the hobbyists together ;-)
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  • cookcpucookcpu February 2012
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    Bro Handy, great to hear about the coming koi show.

    Do share with us photos of the koi show for those of us unable to attend. :D
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Bro William, long time no see. :)

    Sure we will do that bro. Infact our IT team are on going with Live Streaming for the show day. As well as online registration and online result as our team also did on the 4th Asia Koi Show.
  • melvvvmelvvv February 2012
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    Brother Handy,

    Would love to participate in the coming June show. Should be fun, with many great kois to look out for.

  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Bro Melvin,

    How are you? I hope everything doing with you and your kois ;)
    We would grateful if you can participate into the show. We'll do as hard as we can to serve and please all koi lovers and let's share the fun and joyness together with others.

  • vinsonchuavinsonchua February 2012
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    Congrats on the founding of the Rinyukai Indonesia. Look like I need to plan my business trip to Jakarta from 15-17 June 2012.
  • melvvvmelvvv February 2012
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    Brother Handy,

    Already put it in my calender for June. Will definitely see you therer with or without my kois. :)

  • JamesJames February 2012
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    Hahaha, I am going to have a koi there to be groomed but not sure if it will be ready...
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Hi Vinson,
    I think it's the best way. One side you deal with the business and the other side you also can share the joyness of this hobby community together. ;-)

    The JHCC as the show ground is located Senayan area on Jakarta CBD area. There are many major and big exhibitions that are used to be held over here. The main reason is because it's easily to go there from anywhere. And the facilities are more than enough to held such big events from regional to international size events. From computers to car show.

    Beside that, there are many nice lodging, from moderate to the highest level around the show ground. Sultan Hotel (used to be Hilton International Hotel), Ritz Carlton, Mulia Hotel, Crown Plaza, InterContinental, and so on. You may see the hotels on the surrounding from internet.

    Bro Melvin,

    it's cool bro. Your presence with our withour your kois will be an honour for us. :-bd
    If you bring your kois, as I mentioned before, the quarantine process from the airport to the show ground will be through a "super" line which means it will through special treatment that enable the kois send to the show ground as fast as possible.

    We are so much aware that the kois sent to the show have been through some journey before. And like a first class passenger on the A380, we will treat them at the best we can do. ;-)

    Bro James,
    We'll ask 1000 priests, 1000 monks, and the rest of the community to pray you kois would ready for the show so we can rock the show ground together. Ohh, yeahhh.... \:D/
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  • AndySittAndySitt February 2012
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    Bro Handy,

    Great news. I've set aside 15-17 June 2012 to be in Jakarta.. Perhaps we can form a contingent for a trip together. I'm sure there would be some great activities and kois.
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Bro Andy,

    That's indeed a great news! It's an honour for us to have you on the show...a koikichi like you that willing to do something for the sake of koi lovers community, like this forum, the show, and so on. Thank-you for your kindness to support this show.

    Now it's a great idea beside the great news you mentioned if you and fellow hobbyists over there could manage to have trip together. We'll help you provide anything that you and the contingent might need.

    We hope this Super Koi Show will be a new point where all of koi lovers from any kind could be along together to enjoy more and more of the living jewel.

    To make the show differently from the common show, we'll have a seminar on the show with this topic : "How To Maintain Your Koi Pond With Good Biological Approach" by Mark Krupka from United State of America.

    Mark Krupka is the president of the National Association of Pond Professionals. This association is a place for professional people who have deep experience in the design, operation, and control of biological systems as well as the function of microbes in natural aquatic enviroments.

    For more about Mark Krupka, you may read on this link :

    This is one program that we promise all of you to be something much interesting. We'll think other program that would add benefits for all koi lovers.


  • MikeMike February 2012
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    Hi monscine,

    Could you provide some light as in recommend a few choices of accommodation that is convenient.
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Hi Mike,

    There are quite numbers of convenient lodging nearby the show area such as Mulia Hotel, Century Hotel, Sultan Hotel (used to be Hilton Hotel), Ritz Carlton, Crown Hotel, Le Meridien, Intercontinental Hotel, and so on.

    The best way to see the surrounding hotel, I think is through google map or online hotel booking services.

    The address of the show ground is Jakarta Convention Centre or some still say it as Jakarta Hilton Convention Centre), Jl. Stadion Senayan, Jakarta Pusat.

    The committee will help anyone that need assistance for booking lodging, transportation, etc. I'll give the email address soon enough.

    JCC.jpg 122K
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Dear all,

    The show committee could be reach on :


    Any inquiries, question, assistance and so on could be addressed to there.

  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Dear all,

    Today we held the launching of Riyunkai Indonesia with all of koi lovers, dealers, some Japan's breeders, Fisheries department, some Indonesian region ZNA clubs chairman, magazine and television reporters, and so on.

    We hope this would be a new milestone for all of koi hobby world.

    Here are some pictures and videos of the launching day of Riyunkai Indonesia to enjoy together :

    The surroundings...there are 2 vat to show 2 big kois that get Grand Champion B and Best In Size Ginrin. The GC B is a 95cm hi utshuri and the BIS is a 85cm ginrin kohaku.


    Left to right : Mr. Hartono Sukwanto (ZNA Bandung chairman), Ryuki-san and Mr. Yohanes Jusuf

    Here are the Chairman of Riyunkai Indonesia, Mr. Felix Denanta (left) and Vice Chairman Mr. Hendrawan Sudarpo (right)

    Press conference...

    The launching of Riyunkai Indonesia which symbolize with opening the curtain for the Super Koi Show 2012 poster.

    Even we have super models that also love kois...


    With some of Japan's breeders that would support for the show later

    Lunch time
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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  • megatronmegatron February 2012
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    =D> =D> =D>
    Don't ask me why!!!
  • ikankoikauikankoikau February 2012
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    Well done to all Indonesia brudders... (Y)
  • monscinemonscine February 2012
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    Bro Daniel & Capt,

    Thanks a lot for your complimentary. Now we are on the real hard work to make this to be a "super" show. Time is running, and we are finalizing the show. We don't want to miss anything and try to make something new show. ;-)

    If any of you have any idea about the show you wish, please don't hesitate to pop up your idea :-D
    Wanna samba dance? Salsa? Or what? :-))
    Selebrities among us? :X :-))

    Btw, here are some videos that I missed to put up...

    The opening of Super Koi Show 2012 poster :

    2 big kois as the showcase, a 95cm Hi Utshuri and a 85cm Ginrin Kohaku

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