Do one need to quarantine pond plants and does one do it?
  • HDCuHDCu September 2012
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    Ive recently bought a bonsai from my friend. This will be placed on top of the pond ledge. While it is not submerged on the water and instead potted, its leaves will extend towards the surface of the pond that If it rains there is a strong possibility of rain water showering the bonsai leaves and then going towards the pond.

    Question is do I need to make any quarantine procedure on the bonsai? What chemical can I use to safely "clean" and insure biosecurity?

    Will formalin be safe for the plant? Any thoughts from here would be helpful.
  • aiman_shawalaiman_shawal September 2012
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    I would like to contribute a question as well along with this post, is it a good idea or does it contribute any factor of placing water cabbaged floating on the koi pond... :-?
  • NeliNeli September 2012
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    Darling, I hope they have not put any poison in the soil...that can leach in the pond during rains...
    I dont think U get the same parasites on terrestrial plants as on water plants.
    As of that U should not worry...No parasite will survive that long and doubt it will come in contact with the leaves.
  • NeliNeli September 2012
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    I have seen breeders in the USA have the whole pond covered with cabbage...maybe it shades the water...removes some nitrates...but suspect large koi will destroy it and mess your pond.
  • kominatokominato September 2012
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    I once placed water hyacinth in my filter box thinking it will help in the filtration. 3 days later Kois started flashing..most 6 of them. NO MORE PLANTS FOR ME !
  • aiman_shawalaiman_shawal September 2012
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    I tried the water cabbage, it multiplied very fast. i saw the koi's nibbled on the roots but it didn't destroy the plants... Just that my water is full of detached roots and some are stuck in the pump.. so flow was restricted...

    So my main obstacle is just the detached roots.. bummer... koi looks happy though swimming when the cabbages was there..

    Any other plants that wont pollute the water?
  • MarkMark September 2012
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    I've tried keeping water plants rigged on logs in my fiber tank with koi fish before, bro aiman was rite, detached roots stems n leaves was an issue, biggest headache was introducing snails into the habitat, my entire filter and pond was flooded with snails., almost impossible to remove them, ended up need to washed the entire fiber tank and dump on my filter media, can't imagine that happening to cement pond, mud pond may be allrite though. I''ve learnt from some water plants enthusiasts over other forum that it was almost impossible to rid off the snails from water plants and the log especially of their eggs.
  • harry_luhurharry_luhur September 2012
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    Dear HDCu,

    Bonsai no need special treat, and if you afraid that leaves may contain pesticide residue, just spray. The whole plant with ozonated water. You can even drop all leaves, it is common treat for bonsai, and you can occasionally find bonsai tree without leaves in show.

    Then about water plant, there are 3 types,
    1. Submerged, normally use for aquascaping
    2. Emerged, normally use for pond, paludarium, etc
    3. Floating, can be use aquarium, pond, etc.

    Most plant contain pest, especially water plant like leech and snail. Once it enter our pond, then you will have a super headache problems. Both leech and snail will consume oxygen and their waste will polute our water and produce ammonia which can cause high nitrate problem. Adding plant to eliminate nitrate can sometimes make it worst.

    Some submerged plant like cabomba can increase O2 level above saturation point in shallow pond in day, but also take O2 in the night, and in can cause massive pH and O2 swing. Some emerged and floating plants can be use because they take nutrients from their root, and take O2/CO2 from the air. But in my experience, it don't show significant effect on non regular maintenance pond.

    Harry Luhur
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  • mangkellmangkell September 2012
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    Bro @Harry_luhur,

    Can U comment about my water plant as above...

    I use 'Keladi Air'... They are all over my river now....
    I've seen some photo sample using few plants....
    The river is very shallow, at 3 inches depth, 2 feet wide 60 feet length...
    There are hundreds of them, each one got 10 leaves+, so thousands of leaves....
    Floating type, isolated from koi.
    No ants can live there.... No snails or leech... Hundreds of Guppies from 4 I put there...

    Maintenance wise, need twice weekly on the 3mm sieve at the river end.
    Bcoz of the roots sediment also my Bio chamber need a monthly water back flush.

    The river is located between my Mechanical & Bio filter chamber.... :-D
    Mickeyko Ducati-Kujamon Chagreemon Brabus#Sexy-Robust
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  • harry_luhurharry_luhur September 2012
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    Bro M,

    Your keladi air or known as water hyacinth in the common pond plant, it take nutrient from pond water. And safe to use as long as you sterilize it from pest. There are many emerged plant that can be use from cepherus family, sagittaria family, ranunculus family, etc. Change the soil with sand and give some fertilizer in pot, and make sure it totally covered by sand.

    Normally water plant contain leech and snail, guppy can eat leech, and mini yellow puffer have a strong teeth can be use to eliminate snail. But if the leech of snail egg transfer to aanother area without this fish, then it is very difficult to eliminate. Snail can easily attach and hide inside japmat or bioball, and even at dry wall where fish cannot eat them.

    Even if i have to put plant, i usually sterilize with very thick PP solution and then flush it with tap water, and then put in aquarium to observe it first for few weeks. before dump it in pond.

    Harry Luhur

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