Update of 08 SFF New Smile
  • yysim88yysim88 November 2010
    Posts: 340
    Hi guys, this koi was posted in the old forum. Took a pic this evening. Just want to share with you on the development. First pic taken on 18-7-2010. Second pic taken today. Comments welcome and much appreciated.

  • AnuarAnuar November 2010
    Posts: 688
    Bro Alan, it looks like she gained bulk quite a bit - coupled with brighter shiroji, the impression is definitely different. The hi plate looks elastic and thick with clean sashi and kiwa.

    She has one huge tail tube as well - in short great pattern, nice skin and excellent body.
  • yysim88yysim88 November 2010
    Posts: 340
    Hi Bro Anuar, thanks for your comment. The beni needs to consolidate more. It is actually 66cm, not 64cm. Got confused with my Shining Rose. This fish has the strongest tail tube among all my fish.
  • ShukriShukri November 2010
    Posts: 4,881
    Feeding color food kaw kaw for 2 to 3 months will do the trick.........
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  • yysim88yysim88 November 2010
    Posts: 340
    Thanks Bro Shukri, will do that. Just bought 4 bags of Excel Colour feed..
  • etanoetano November 2010
    Posts: 471
    Bro Alan, nice job. The beni has actually gone down a bit comparing first and second photo. The difference is much clearer if you compare the beni on the head but maybe it's just the lighting condition. While feeding color food kaw kaw, pay attention to secondary hi. I think this koi will have a nice cute face as jumbo later.
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