CA's Pond and Kois
  • pandaipandai November 2013
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    Uncle @Idris,

    I wouldn't mind one of your good kohaku... :-D ;-)
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  • idrisidris November 2013
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    Now i feel verry2 old....
  • gerrygerry November 2013
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  • ChengAunChengAun February 2014
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    It's been a while since any update, all has been well
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    Be updated in the world of koi. Jangankan seperti "Koi di bawah bottom drain"
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  • ChengAunChengAun September 2016
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    It's been nearly 6 years since this thread was created and over 2 years since any update. Sad to say in that time span it is evident that the forum has become not as lively as it once was.
    A brief update, I lost nearly all my koi when repainting the pond early last year when they were in the holding tank, except one big showa. After a long hiatus, I finally got the pond back in action and slowly replenished stock gradually over this year. I'm glad to say everything seems to be going well.
    Pond configuration is simple. Filtration is still the original bakki shower with BHM, crystal bio & coral chips for pH buffering, approx. 2x/hour turnover rate. Resun air blower 50l/m fed through air tube.
    Fish are 1 big showa, the only survivor of the remaining batch, a local yamabuki ogon, a karashigoi, little showa, & a shiro utsuri, all tosai from the "leftovers" of koi stores at reasonable pricing.
    Photos on FB:
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    Be updated in the world of koi. Jangankan seperti "Koi di bawah bottom drain"

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