New Momotaro Sanke Tosai
  • jamiltjamilt June 2013
    Posts: 287
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  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2013
    Posts: 1,763
    It's kind a interesting Sanke (Y)
    Pls update progress :)
  • WilganWilgan June 2013
    Posts: 245
    Nice 3 step sanke!
  • EddyEddy June 2013
    Posts: 184
    Nice sanke (Y)
  • KChongKChong June 2013
    Posts: 348
  • smokersmoker June 2013
    Posts: 715
    Nce Sanke Bro Jamil, nice sandan sanke.
    Skin looks good, kindly update in the future, i am looking forward how the body will develop. :)
  • jamiltjamilt June 2013
    Posts: 287
    Thanks bro @Bthineshkumar , @Wilgan , @Eddy , @KChong , @smoker

    Will update from time to time. Im concerned about the kiwa, especially at the first step. too much mix of maruzome n straight cut dunno if its a good thing or not.
  • weihanweihan June 2013
    Posts: 318
    I love this sanke bro jamilt, very good shiroji!
  • AnuarAnuar June 2013
    Posts: 688
    Nice Sanke Bro Jamil.

    I think the key to this sanke is the 2 underlying sumi on the top fin and the tail end, will be very interesting to watch. Pls keep us updated.
  • kolampkolamp June 2013
    Posts: 222
    Nice body for a small 20cm tosai...keep us updated bro jamilt
  • jamiltjamilt June 2013
    Posts: 287
    Thanks bro @weihan @Anuar @koiamp. I checked the sanke today, already has injury at the head area, 1st step beni scratched, maybe he/she hit the airstone in the QT.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2013
    Posts: 1,053
    Good looking sanke bro. Just make sure she settle down nicely. Normally slight injury during tossai can recover quite fast.
  • jamiltjamilt June 2013
    Posts: 287
    Bro @ikankoikau the Sanke suffers more damage, and also beni at her head area disappeared. It lost a few scales at 3rd step, and scratches at head area. This happened during quarantine.

    Before: Sanke Before.jpg
    After Sanke After.jpg

    Here's the video after two weeks in my QT:

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  • TaiFeiTaiFei June 2013
    Posts: 21
    How is the progress so far? Is the QT placed indoor or outside under a shade ? Try cover 3/4 of the QT, halt any medications for a week and feed some colour food.
  • jamiltjamilt June 2013
    Posts: 287
    Taifei, the qt was placed outdoor, shaded with glass roof, the sanke has already been released to the main pond 3 days ago.

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