ZNA East Thailand Friendship Club
  • PONYPONY February 2011
    Posts: 10
    It is a great privilege and pleasure to announce that, ZNA East Thailand Friendship Club, a ZNA East Thailand has been officially approved as ZNA East Thailand Friendship Club,
    on the ZNA Board Directors' meeting held on 30 Janaury 2011. All requirements for a ZNA International Chapter have been fulfilled and satisfied

    contact : ZNATHAILAND@Gmail.com
    website : www.ZNATHAILAND.com


  • PH8PH8 February 2011
    Posts: 683
    Brother Pony, congratulations! I am sure under your leadership, the chapter will be very successful indeed!
  • PONYPONY February 2011
    Posts: 10
    i try to do more activity in thailand and make koi lover happy. i will start from make koi show in few month.
    ZNA East Thailand

    Contact : ZNATHAILAND@Gmail.com
  • FPSooFPSoo February 2011
    Posts: 370
    Bro Pony,

    I am sure our Malaysian koikichis will support your show just like your recent support to the 1st Shinkokai Malaysia. Yamakoshi Thailand and Malaysia will lend you all the support you need to make your show the most successful one in Thailand.


  • koikitkoikit February 2011
    Posts: 120
    Congratulation Bro

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