• hkl84hkl84 November 2013
    Posts: 51
    Hi, i am wondering if anybody knows where i can get barley straw? i mean the raw barley straw, not extract or processed powder. Besides, if you used it before do you mind to tell me the effectiveness of it?
  • niveknivek November 2013
    Posts: 1,251
    Hi hkl84, if you're planning to use barley straw to control algae then I guess most bros and sis here don't use that method. Look at other factors for example pond shade, UV light, water turnover rate, filtration method, feed rate etc which will give you better result in a long term.

    Do you have some photos or videos of your pond setup so that the sifus here can help?
  • hkl84hkl84 November 2013
    Posts: 51
    Hi bro nivek, actually i am a researcher and wish to study if barley straw actually works or not since it is widely claimed. I need raw barley straw to do the study. ATARI koi did have barley straw but in liquid form which is not suitable for my purpose.

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