Deformed koi mouth
  • ChengAunChengAun February 2014
    Posts: 925
    Somewhat like lockjaw, mouth looks very strange on my karashi. Can it be helped?
  • snowlionsnowlion February 2014
    Posts: 248
    Bro CA,

    Sorry to burst your bubble..

    This one no hope of recovering...

    They won't die, but will grow slower as they can only feed on small pellets.

    Still can keep as pet.
  • ChengAunChengAun February 2014
    Posts: 925
    Uncle Jerome,
    Thanks for you input. Haha no worries, my intention is to keep for viewing pleasure only, so growth for this one is not an issue.
    Be updated in the world of koi. Jangankan seperti "Koi di bawah bottom drain"
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar February 2014
    Posts: 1,763
    Agree with Jerome, I dont think can be cured the mouth shape. One of my sanke was like this after injured from jump out of pond. Later it recovered and become heavy eater. But the mouth still remain the same.
  • snowlionsnowlion February 2014
    Posts: 248
    Young Man,

    Thanks for taking what uncles said with an open mind.
    Dun worry your time to play big will come when you are ready...

    Looking forward to that day...

  • urbaneffectsurbaneffects February 2014
    Posts: 134
    Bro. I have a Dainichii Showa similar. Pls try to ensure its not mouth rot. I treated mine and its mouth rot. It survived but the shape of the mouth cannot be reversed..

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