ERIC & Airlift Filter systems in Singapore / Malaysia
  • pepperpepper July 2014
    Posts: 53

    anyone here used these systems in Singapore or Malaysia before and would like to share their experiences, good and bad?


    - Sounds like a good idea

    - mainly because there is no local dealer
    - need to ship in so I have issues with cost
    - installation? not sure if my contractor know how to connect it up
    - maintenance
    - warranty

    Airlift Pump

    - Sounds like a good idea

    - its a DIY system!

    Considering incorporating a small ERIC system into the 1st chamber of my new Pond System and the Airlift to the 4th chamber. Traditional filter media in chambers 2 and 3.

    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


  • TomyCTomyC July 2014
    Posts: 103
    The ERIC box shipped is cheaper than most fibreglassed multi-chambers of a similar proposed filtering capability, and is smaller.

    Simple to hook up.
  • KChongKChong July 2014
    Posts: 348
    Hi Pepper

    Airlift pump is definitely interesting as it can cut down lots of electric consumption for the volume of output water. The only problem is, it has not head which mean you can't use it for waterfall or bakki shower.

    I personally test it with my own DIY unit and it is workable. The only thing is, you need 3 - 4 inch output for bigger outflow if your pond is more that 10mton. Also, the return pipe from your filter to your pond must be just above your intended water level or same level will do.

  • frostbitezfrostbitez July 2014
    Posts: 109
    One of koianswer member already using airlift + RDF for his pond...been running for a year or more
    120w for around 60T/H circulation
  • pepperpepper July 2014
    Posts: 53

    The Original ERICs too much for my budget especially since I have already negotiated a price with my pond contractor.

    Will still consider trying to incorporating an Airlift pump into my traditional system.

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