New shipment arriving @ Gosanke Koi , Tropicana (17th November, night)
  • gosankekoigosankekoi November 2015
    Posts: 336
    Dear all,

    "No 1" Super high quality Sakai Tategoi Tosai coming soon.....

    200pcs Sakai Sanke & Kohaku come with breeder bloodline stated certificate
    arriving on 13th November (night) @ Gosanke koi ,Tropicana branch. Visit us or call +60123729978 for more info.

    Stay tune!!
  • gosankekoigosankekoi November 2015
    Posts: 336
    Special announcement -

    The new shipment was mentioned arriving on 13th November will expecting delay arriving on 17th November (night). We are apologise for all the inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards
    Gosanke Koi

  • kwickcutkwickcut November 2015
    Posts: 25
    cant wait ti see them

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