Yamakoshi Info: [6th Yamakoshi Challenge Cup] The Unnoticed Beauty - Part I
  • yamakoshiyamakoshi June 2016
    Posts: 1,606
    Dear koi hobbyist,

    We will offer the balance stock from 6th Yamakoshi Challenge Cup by online auction with low start bid price.

    These fishes are from Omosako & Dainichi Koi Farm and comes with original breeder certificates

    The auction will start from 25/6, 9am until 27/6, 9pm via our website at www.koiforauction.biz

    Please note that if there is any bidder bid 5 minutes before the closing time, the closing time will be extended for another 15 min until there is no bidder within the last 5 min.

    Please note that the auction will be NOT BE ENTITLE TO ENTER THE YAMAKOSHI CUP COMPETITION.

    Mark the date in your calendar and get ready for the event! The fishes are displaying at Yamakoshi Tropicana for viewing.



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