Filter Advise Needed: Very Confused
  • hypersushihypersushi March 14
    Posts: 24
    Planning to build a koi pond and always thought that gravity-fed system was the way to go. Now it seems people are moving away from that and going for moving bead (external) system and maybe bakki tower? Hope the sifus can help me out here. Space is no issue for me but I like things to be neat.

    1. I always thought you need brushes and japan mat etc etc to do the mechanical filtration. I can't imagine how a moving bead system (alone) can do all that mechanical filtration. Please explain

    2. Vortex system. How is that different from moving bead? I see some vortex filters having that K1 media in it?

    3. Gravity fed system is obsolete now? Just go for moving bead + bakki shower coz easier to clean?

    Your feedback appreciated.
  • sivakoisivakoi March 14
    Posts: 106
    There is a all saying in this forum.

    "u take care of the water and the fish will take care of itself :) ". IMHO no amount of filtration is ever enough. However the systems you add in the more cleaning is required. Hence you have to ask yourself are you up for frequent cleaning of the filters you put in.

    The usage of the bead system has been recently popular due to accessibility of the products now. I do not use one and I am still using the gravity fed system with Japanese mat in them. Every night flush and every month clean.

    Also you will need ask how many of those lovely KOI's do you wish to keep and the frequency of feeding in a day . The more of them the more pooh and the more you will need to clean.

    I suggest you visit the local koi's friends and see how their system works. I learned a lot this way.
  • hypersushihypersushi March 14
    Posts: 24
    I would love to visit any koi enthusiast's pond and have a deep discussion about their filter system. I'm living in Puchong BTW, plan to have a pond maybe 10x 12 x5.... and keep 9 kois with multiple feedings to grow them to super jumbo size (that's the idea anyways). Any brothers care to invite me to visit?
  • JamesJames March 15
    Posts: 1,964
    Bro hypersushi, whatsapp me at 012-2735781. BTW if space is no issue, your planned pond size is too small.
  • hypersushihypersushi March 15
    Posts: 24
    Hello brother James... yes, size no issue but my wallet is screaming at me!
  • JamesJames March 24
    Posts: 1,964
    Your wallet can either scream once or multiple times. For many of us here, it screamed multiple times because we never learned from the wise. :-((

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