Roof vs No Roof/ No Rainwater vs Sun
  • hypersushihypersushi March 15
    Posts: 22
    Initially was planning to do a roof to cover my future koi pond but after visiting Aquatic Paradise, am having second thoughts. Please tell me what think:

    1. Rainwater is bad coz our suburban environment has pollutants/ chemicals in the air
    2. Sun is good for koi as it brings out its colours

    So how? How do you guys solve this dilemma?
  • pandaipandai March 15
    Posts: 1,078
    Bro, you said, "...but after visiting Aquatic Paradise, am having second thoughts". What is it that you saw there that made you changed your mind?
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  • pandaipandai March 15
    Posts: 1,078
    By the way, I have just built a totally open pond. Now having a big headache to get clear water. Currently doing some modifications to solve the problem. If I'm successful, I'll share here... [-O<
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  • hypersushihypersushi March 16
    Posts: 22
    Hello bro pandai. Second thoughts about installing a roof because I was told best colours in koi come from being exposed to sunshine. So open pond will definitely get green water (initially) without UV filter? Coz I do not plan to have UV filter and just wait out the green water cycle (i.e. wait for the beneficial bacteria to stabilise).

    But I think I can have a solution for both dilemma I posted. Have a roof but in the middle, have a clear plastic roof so that sunlight can punch through.
  • lautslauts March 17
    Posts: 1,247
    Many misconception here. You can still get sunlight morning and late noon(which is good enough) having a roof. Too much direct sunlight does more harm than good to koi skin hence colour IMHO. UV is a must if you have exposed ( ie to rain and sun) , easy to install so why suffer due to water clarity ( green and bacts issue).

  • JamesJames March 24
    Posts: 1,964
    The science of koi is totally different from the art of koi. For those who chase the science, I suspect they will constantly have more questions that answers. And by the time they do not have any more questions, they are either at sifu level or more often than not, already given up.

    Every pond is different. We need to monitor what works best for us. Although some hard facts of koi keeping won't change, there are some combinations that work better for some than the others. But the thing that won't change is where we have our ponds, unless we choose a new house suited for koi before even considering if we want to live there. A particular case of a tycoon in Hong Kong that moved homes because of koi is by far the only extreme case I know.

    For me, shade in the pond is a must, but not necessarily fully shaded or provided by a roof above the pond. And let's not compare our ponds to that of koi farms/dealers. They assign someone to take care of water 24/7. Any dealer must be able to already differentiate what is realistically different in a home pond and a commercial koi pond.

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