Has anybody's Bottom Drain failed?
  • hypersushihypersushi April 2017
    Posts: 25
    Has anybody's bottom drain failed? In which case, making spare bottom drains (unused until other one fails) is well worth it? If one has a long long pond, does it make sense to have another bottom drain somewhere in the middle along with the two that are close to the end of the pond?
  • HDCuHDCu April 2017
    Posts: 1,117
    First of all, bottom drains are not supposed to fail(leak or get block). So you make sure the one who makes your pond knows what he is doing. Do not make spare unused bottom drains as this may harbor bad bacteria if unused. And yes if the pons is too long, you may need several bottom drains unless your bottom floor is sloped at a very steep angle to accomodate just one drain. Normally the area of effectivity of a bottom drain depends on the slope, the size of pipe and cover, the position of the bottom drains and the flow rates.

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