Suggestions for Koi Purchase
  • hypersushihypersushi August 9
    Posts: 22
    I'm nearly done digging my koi pond and will be getting my contractor to start building the pond hopefully by next month. Size (not inclusive filter) is about 10ft x 13ft x 4ft. I have a few objectives so I want to get your opinion on my future koi purchase:

    1. To keep ONLY 9 kois
    2. To grow 2 Kois to Jumbo size from tosai(or nisai?)
    3. I plan to acquire 1 koi (tosais?) per month till I reach 9 kois

    Given these objectives, these are the koi varieties I like. Which should I buy first or it really doesn't matter...should I get fishes will less propensity to grow jumbo first (eg. like the Goshiki) then get those Jumbo potentials last (eg. Ogon or Ochiba).. or the other way around... Your suggestions welcome...

    1. Asagi
    2. Shusui
    3. Tancho Showa
    4. Tancho Kujaku
    5. Yamabuki Ogon
    6. Ochiba/ Ginrin Ochiba
    7. Hi Utsuri
    8. Doitsu Sanke?
    9. Goshiki? Doitsu Lemon Hariwake?

  • niveknivek August 21
    Posts: 1,251
    Doesn't really matter which variety you obtain first. You might want to pass on Goshiki as not all ponds are able to.bring out the black.
  • hypersushihypersushi August 22
    Posts: 22
    What a shame... really love the Goshiki pattern... but I guess not for our weather...

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