Red color at Japan! Orange color after arrival at dealer(my) facility in India
  • ashfaqashfaq December 2017
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    Haie all brothers, been long time and found forum is still active now :)

    I live in South-India which has warm weather most of the time. During winter, its hardly 26 degree outside temperature. Water temp normally at 27-28 degree.

    How do i develop beni quality of orange colored kois(Benigoi,Kohaku,Showa or sanke), they just look dull orange all the time though we feed saki hikari pellets water parameters everything is as expected.

    My concern is whenever i import kois to India they arrive blood red in color.

    During quarantine period of 21+ days , they slowly start changing its colors from red to orange.

    If you notice, Breeders facility is Indoor with over stocked pond, no sunlight, though color is red at his facility. Not sure how they maintain. When we ask, i get response to use Chillers and feed lot of color food. Though i am using chillers, still it changes.

    I seriously cant figure what i am missing.

    Do the food they use in Japan is something different or are they mixing some chemical solutions in feed to make koi look red or does these branded feeds are to blame bcoz the same food we arent feeding and it looses its effect, i dont know what it is, just banging my head each time i import.
  • ChengAunChengAun December 2017
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    Hi uncle Ashfaq, good to hear from you, the forum is actually sadly quite quiet nowadays.
    1) Perhaps during quarantine period, it may be a stressful time for the fishes and they may not yet show their true potential. Perhaps you need to be more patient.
    2) Based on my (limited) experience, some sunlight does help with the beni development.

    I don't know for sure, but I highly doubt that Japanese breeders add any chemicals to deepen the beni, they take great pride in the quality of their bloodlines.
    Maybe give it some time and see how?
    Regards, CA.
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  • lautslauts January 2018
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    Bro Ash ,

    Many factors contribute to beni discolor most importantly stress itself. i see many "high quality" import that loses its beni completely or to dull orange in matter of a week. i also tend to think they were fed lots of color feed and had thin beni to begin with.
    So i would avoid new import and give them a pass for few weeks to stabilize before getting any. Esp the tanchos , once gone they are worthless.


  • ashfaqashfaq January 2018
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    Thanks guys for the comment.

    Ita been over 3month now. Still same except for 1 or 2 fish.

    My question is , in Japan breeder keep his kois in indoor which is indoor facility with no sunlight.

    They keep bowling kois in his ponds for clients which is stressful for them daily and they bring kois from mountains with bad roads to farm by traveling many hours. I dont think stress is the factor here.

    They still maintain the red pigments. They sure must be hiding something from buyers.

    Its the case for all koi dealers except u buy big some sanisai plus with deep red color.
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • Jason_SGJason_SG June 2018
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    Hi Ashfaq

    I think stress is one thing, but water and food play a big part too...

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